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Imam Hossein's Shrine
Imam Hossein’s Shrine

Muharram of Shia

 Muslim Shia Imam Hosein


Home Pack is one of the home textile and home textile factories, as well as one of the top designers of industrial and manufacturing molds in Iran, which started its activity in the year 2016 and has been able to share with God’s kindness ever since. Have a good track record in the production of products as well as the employment of Iranian youth.

HomePack products

Product number 1)

 Comfortable chair Classic

Comfortable exotic five-seat chairs with sporty, water-proof fabrics in 14 different colors

صندلی راحت نشین

Comfortable sitting chair with 5 seats


Product number 2)

textile portmanteau

The garment of the sports flower scheme and Jajim design in 7 designs and 9 sizes with high quality sewing

Sports jacket and Jajim sketch


Product number 3)

floor cover

Brownie and underwater aquifers with beautiful and resistant covers, produced with a very high quality fabric.

روفرشی ضد آب

Living room and floor cover


Product number 4)

Traditional shopping bag

Sack Buy the traditional package of hum pop, this handmade handbag suitable for home shopping in two stunning designs

کیف خرید سنتی

کیف خرید سنتی


Product number 5)

Kitchen apron

4-layer waterproof dishwasher, suitable for housewives and gentlemen who help their wives on behalf of God.

پیشبند 4 لایه ضدآب


Product number 6)

Kitchen apron

4-layer dishwasher with a fruit bowl knob, suitable for housewives and gentlemen who help their wives on behalf of God.

پیشبند ظرفشویی میوه ای

Fruit dishwashing bin


Product number 7)

Pen & pencil bag

Traditional HomePack Package, specially for female and boy students. Wonderful and attractive.

جامدادی سنتی


Product number 8)

Small makeup bag

The traditional home cosmetics package HomePack, suitable for women who use cosmetics for their wives only according to Shari’a. (Creation …)

کیف آرایش سنتی

Makeup bag


Product number 9)

Place the sock placement), suitable for arranging and arranging socks)


Place the sock placement


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